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why analytics is important
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We monitor the back-end of your online marketing campaign to see what needs to be changed or improved as developments continue.

This service helps us to inform you about what changes need to be implemented to improve your online marketing campaign and see your business continue to grow.

These tools are used to analyse your existing presence and determine what type of changes need to be implemented according to the latest online developments. We also use them to monitor how your audience interacts with you online which further inform our assessment.

Benefits of Website Analytics & Tracking


Get to Know Your Customers

Getting to know your customers is paramount to identifying your true target audience. Analytics can help you determine your customer needs. You can analyse where they spend most of their time on the web, which of your marketing communications do they interact with and what was their first ever engagement with you?

Your Killer Values

The DNA of your existing customer data makeup your killer values. By really understanding your current customer base you are able to tailor your services or products to meet the needs of your ideal customer resulting in increased conversion rates.

Indentify Your Prospects

By analysing your clients browsing behaviour and purchase history gives you a clear picture of how your prospects will react and where best to reach out to them at the right time. Identifying your current customers, you can start to identify web users like them in your target audience. Who is your ideal customer? The answer to this question then makes up your ideal prospect too.

Customer Segmentation & Targeting

From identifying your killer values, you can really segment your data into finer detail. Target your data based on each killer value or attribute. Segment your marketing campaigns to both your customers and your prospects based on their preferences.

We analyse and provide insights for the following industries:


Sports & Fitness 


Food & Drink

Real Estate 











Analytics Services We Offer

It’s important to identify what users are doing on your business or blog website. Website analytics provide insights based on users’ interests and website visits data that can be used to create a better user experience for your customers. By analysing your website correctly, you can also accurately track the effectiveness of your online marketing campaigns to help inform you make productive decisions that grow your profit and increase website traffic

Google Analytics consuting

We work with a specialised team in our analytics department with extensive yearly training and professional certifications to deliver data and assist you in understanding what is happening on your website. Local Lemon deliver real stories from your analytics, by analysing anything from on-going reviews, analysis and reporting on your website performance.  


Analytics Dashboard Set Up

Setting up your analytics dashboard starts with having a better understanding of your business and what drives your business conversions. We can create data dashboard elements that allow you to cut through data and get straight to the knowledge you need to make informed marketing decisions. We can also set up emailed PDF reports with specified easy to read presentations at a frequency that is appropriate to the knowledge, whether daily, weekly or monthly.

Deep Analysis

If you are buying a business or you would like to evaluate your online presence and reality of a website performance we provide you with a deep analysis to help you understand where the website is getting its traffic from and how it is evolving. We do a full analytical audit on your complete online presence including SEO, SEM and online reputation. With this data you can determine the value of your online marketing and investigate your ROI.

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