A Monumental Merger

Welcome to the launch of Local Lemon Ltd. 

Welcome to local lemon ltd

The Zest In Your Digital Marketing

We are excited to announce the merger of Spiderworx with Local Lemon Ltd. A merger implies a joining of two companies; a combination of brilliance. This project has been in the works for a while with all parties involved using the downtime available to conduct proper research into the viability of this joint venture. The evidence is overwhelming – digital marketing is the future for all businesses.

This merger joins the knowledge in web design from Spiderworx with the experience in marketing provided by Local Lemon Ltd, to become one dynamic company that can offer the entire digital marketing package. Local Lemon Ltd now combines the expertise of professionals in the industry under one umbrella initiative, thus supporting local individuals by providing them with a platform to work on. We are confident in the service we offer and look forward to combining our knowledge to help other local businesses.

Around the world, March saw the close of many companies due to enforced lockdowns. While businesses have sold online for years, it hasn’t been until now that many depended solely on their online sales for profit.

 The sudden change in lifestyle pushed consumers, even those who do not consider themselves tech-savvy, to shop online for goods and services. Undeniably, the online world is convenient for many. This is why it is imperative for all business owners to take advantage of digital marketing so that their online presence is visible to more individuals. A good online presence attracts your target audience from the comfort of their home or office and impresses them enough to make contact and engage. This is not always as simple as having a social page or website as the success of these campaigns depends largely on certain algorithms working in the background.

During our research, we realised that this information is often not available to businesses that aren’t part of a massive franchise that can buy their way to the top. This means that many hard-working entrepreneurs are not seeing the return they should for their online efforts. These are the people that we are passionate about helping and why we moved forward with our merger. Small-to-medium enterprises (SME’s) and start-up ventures can benefit greatly from professionally developed and intelligent online marketing campaigns. Local Lemon is now a full digital marketing agency that provides a complete package to create a solid online presence. We are proudly situated in Bath, UK, and look forward to supporting local businesses within the Bristol, Somerset, Wilshire, and Gloucester area.

Our Company Mission

Each product is unique to your business and no automated software is used. This ensures that you stand out amongst your competitors. We, at Local Lemon, are enthusiastic about helping your business achieve its full potential. We help your business root itself amongst local clientele whilst developing a solid foundation to grow and reach new clients.

Our Vision

Our services function to bring freshness and modernity to your business whilst taking the latest digital developments into consideration. We are inspired by excellence and strive to bring lifelong zest to your business. We seek to understand your business first help set your business up for online success.

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